Yoga at Home

Private Yoga lessons offer the luxury of convenience with a One Hour session being held in the comfort of your own home. A personal Yoga lesson gives you the undivided attention of an instructor, allowing beginners to experienced students the ability to expand their practice. Whether it be a vigorous or a restorative therapeutic practice, we can taylor the class to your needs. Semi privates are also available for couples or small groups. Please contact us for more information on rates and arranging a lesson time that suits you.


had the pleasure of a private lesson with Lara in my 37th week of pregnancy. It was such a relief to stretch my over-worked muscles and the session that Lara devised was both relaxing and restorative. With the aid of bolsters and cushions my body felt really supported. A nice way to ``give back`` to my body as it prepares for the big event! Thank you Lara. -Shelley Mason